Junk Removal Edmonton

Edmonton Junk Removal Services

We offer junk removal for residential and commercial customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our service areas include: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and St.Albert

We are willing to take just about anything as long as it is not hazardous. If it won’t harm our crew’s health and fits in our truck we will take it. A brief list of what we will take includes;

  1. Mattresses
  2. Furniture
  3. Yard Waste
  4. Electronic Waste
  5. Appliances

These are some of the most common items we remove from customer properties however we take all sorts of other items. If you have an unusually large, heavy or potentially harmful item and would like to know if we will take it, contact us today.



Have unnecessary rubbish left around the house? Removing the unwanted junk on your own is tough, let us do the heavy lifting. Whether it is a residential home or condominium, spring clean up or clear out, we have you covered. Same day services are available for your convenience to remove the items from your home.

The garage and attic have been known as the top collecting sport over the years. Have you intended to get rid of it? Our Residential services cover our clean-out services for your, garage, attic and basement.

Looking for Residential Maintenance Services? We can offer light repair to any issues that you currently have within your house as well.



Mattress and Carpet Removal

Carpet and Mattress removal can be tricky at times. Mattress’s and left over carpet can be deceptively heavy and odd in shape. New carpet installation? We can work with you to immediately remove the old.

As well, when you have your new mattresses scheduled we are able to load out the old ones so that installation of the new mattress is quick and easy.

Into the more DIY side of renovations? We can even help assist in pulling up your old carpet so that you can get your furniture moved in time for the carpet installer’s arrival.

Clean-out Services for your Garage, Attic and Basement

If you have clutter or debris piled up in your basement, garage, or attic, contact us to receive an estimate.

The opportunities are endless with having more room in your basement or garage. Free up more space in your home! Bring new life into these areas of your home!

Unwanted items will be taken away with ease, out of sight out of mind. You can save yourself the time and energy from having to dig through and remove all that has collected over the years.

We work with you; if there is something that is important lost in either of the locations, we will inform you when/if we find it. We will not remove anything that is still wanted or has value to you.

Home Appliances

Old or broken stove? Refrigerator? Washing machine? Our appliance removal services will take these away for you. Development by Design disposes of all appliances in an environmentally friendly way. The Eco Centre will adequately take care of each respective appliance removed.

Time is essential, and we can work with your new appliance delivery schedules so that space is clear before your brand new appliance installation.

Furniture Removal

Whether it is furniture, you no longer need, ordered a replacement or chosen to downsize our furniture junk removal services can help. No home furniture removal job is too complicated! If you’re on the top floor of a condominium or in a local townhouse, we can accommodate your needs. With experience and expertise, they know the right way to manoeuvre furniture to prevent any interior damage.

Some furniture may need to disassemble before removal. Our team will see what appropriate actions necessary for a seamless removal. That way entails manual dissembling to get the job done.



We offer professional property clean-out

Are you a landlord that needs help with removing items after a tenant has vacated one of your properties? Let us handle it for you. We can remove all these items within tight deadlines to ensure the transition to your property is swift and clean.

Property Managers

We will handle all your dismantling needs including retail wall fixtures, non-support wall removal, carpets etc. Larger items can quickly accumulate on your properties. This can be from illegal dumping from tenants. We can schedule monthly or weekly drive-byes to check your properties for unwanted or unsolicited junk. We will take a photo of any pickup and email it to you for your records.

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