Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance 

Please go here if you are interested in our year round landscaping services. For additional lawn maintenance tips please check the lawn maintenance tips Agriculture and Forestry Alberta Page.

Lawn Aerating

Lawn aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to access deep into the grassroots. This will help the roots grow deep and help create a stronger and healthy lawn that can withstand the forces of nature. Aerating is to help reduce the effects of soil compaction. Soil compaction will create too many solid particles to prevent air circulation of the air water and nutrients that the soil provides

Lawn Aeration is best done just before or during periods of high growth, but it’s best to aerate during the growth periods in the spring and fall.

During the springtime, we recommend that you wait until you’ve mowed the lawn a few times before aerating. This enables the lawn to recover quicker and to take advantage of the increased pore space and air exchange at the root zone that aeration creates.

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Power Edging

Power edging is a lawn maintenance service that is often under-appreciated by most residential and commercial property owners. If you have an established lawn and haven’t edged your property in a while, spring is the perfect time to prepare yourself for the coming months. The process of power edging is the removal of overgrown sod; this can be in various areas of your front yard or backyard. We begin the process by locating the edge of your sidewalk or driveway. Once we have established the edge off, we can determine how much overgrowth is occurring in the said area.

The benefits of power edging include:

  • Creation of uniform grass lines to create a perfectly clean look.
  • Removes grass clippings and trash that accumulate on the edge of the grass.
  • Makes your sidewalks safer for pedestrians by eliminating some trip hazards.


stone sidewalk with trimmed grass edges


Since the growing season is dominated by a winter lull in which few plants grow, the moment that your lawn begins to respond to warm weather should be the time when you decide to apply your first spread of fertilizer. Late spring in Alberta tends to be the time that lawns begin to wake from their winter rest, which represents the best time to apply a time-release formula that will provide even distribution.


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We recommend that Spring seeding should be done as soon as the ground is ready to be worked on. Slow and unpredictable germination may be the end result if the seed is sown when the soil is too cold and damp. There is strong competition in the germinating weeds in the spring. If it is possible, wait until weed seeds germinate, use weed killer to remove the germinated weeds and then proceed to sow the grass seed. Learn more about advanced seeding tips from the Agriculture website of Alberta.


closeup of seed germination in grown


Development by Design Lawn Mowing Service includes mowing the entire lawn, intervals of every week or every second week, depending on your choosing. Mowing service includes trimming around the edges, moving objects to mow around. All clippings are cleaned up and removed leaving a clean lawn surface after the work is completed.


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